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Online Counseling Services

Dr. Cho - Korean Psychologist
The Tree GroupSeoul, Koreaycho@thetreeg.com brochure is attached with further contact information

Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) for both NHS and private providers.

We provide high quality cognitive behavioural therapy within the NHS in the UK and for private individuals based around the world. This is all performed through our software in a secure online meeting room with an accredited psychologist or psychotherapist. Our network of therapists can provide treatment around the clock and the client can do the therapy from the comfort of their own home.

ExpatPsiAn Online service supporting your needs worldwide.Online psychology for Spanish-speaking expats. Psicóloga online para expatriados, un servicio de calidad en tu idioma.
Because we know that living outside your passport country is complex and can be a real challenge we offer Spanish-language Online Psychology, Counseling and Parenting Orientation for people seeking for support on their native language.
Te propongo un espacio terapeútico para ayudarte con aquello que no estás pudiendo resolver por tu cuenta. Para empezar puedes enviar un email y en 24 horas recibirás una respuesta para que podamos combinar una primer entrevista, sin cargo, para evaluar juntos la conveniencia del tratamiento online en tu caso personal. Para más información entra a:

Lucinda Willshire
Family therapist.
Specializes in counselling for expat families and can provide Skype sessions. Currently for clients in Singapore and the USA as well as locally. Sometimes expats prefer to speak with someone outside their immediate sub-culture and Lucinda is in a good position to do this. 
Currently lives in Melbourne, Australia and has been an expat for over 25 years.

Truman Group

We provide psychological care and consultation to expatriates living overseas. We treat a wide range of mental health needs through confidential, live video connection, linking highly-experienced US-trained and licensed English-speaking counselors with expatriates across the world.
phone: +1 (651) 964-0224